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Here are a few dogs with links to their pedigrees and photographs. In time, I am hoping to build up a database of Weimaraner pedigrees on this site which will be hyperlinked to photographs, other pedigrees and show placings.

Radmillane Exquisite

Parhelis Arrakis

Catherston California at Parhelis

Heronshaw Silver Crystal

Morganna Mystery

Morganna Mozart

Morganna Marakesh

Haselunne Heide

Sh Ch Gunalt Maxim

Sh Ch Gunalt Sum of Brownbank

Sh Ch Gunalt Hedonist

Stormdancer Hot Hot Hot 

Stormdancer Squeeze

Stormdancer Cherish

Stormdancer Exclusive

Elridge Bettina

Castanho Claudia Sniffer

Sireva Christopher Robin

Sh Ch Carenage Pizazz at Sireva

Sireva Accolade

Danchrimeg Chancer at Karringrey

Huntersfrend Solar Eclipse

Walksfar Cowslip of Misdemeanor

If you would like the pedigree of your dog/s displayed, please email the details about the dog, together with any JPGs of the dogs featured in the pedigree. (details of the pedigree need not be sent as I have all the pedigrees on a database)

I do have a database covering all weimaraners born since 1982. If you need specific details of a dog's pedigree, please contact me and I'll email you the relevant pedigree and /or breeding record.

Finding a stud dog can be time consuming. As well as the list provided on this web site, I hold details on a number of stud dogs, together with their owner's contact details and the stud fees.

Owners of stud dogs are welcome to email me their details. Basic information will be added to the list on the Stud Dog page, while more detailed information such as fees and telephone number is only given out when requested.

You are strongly advised to buy puppies only from members of the various weimaraner clubs (see section on clubs). Club members who produce litters are require to follow a code of conduct which gives the puppy buyer some protection. The clubs issue regular puppy lists which give details of members who have puppies for sale. I do get to hear of litters, so if you haven't had any luck finding a puppy through the lists you can always contact me.