These are links to various breeders and non UK-clubs. Details concerning Weimaraner clubs in the UK can be found on the 'Clubs' page

Links to UK breeders

Catruane Weimaraners, Anne and Ruth Longbottom

Enryb Weimaraners, Jean Byrne

Stormdancer Weimaraners, Sandra Rowberry

Revilona Weimaraners, Ann Haycock

Klugmaus Weimaraners, Fred Ellingford,

Ryanstock Weimaraners, Kevin and Elaine Grewcock

Morganna Weimaraners Rachel Newman,

The European Weimaraner Webring links together the web sites of several UK-Based breeders (enter via Klugmaus Weimaraners at

Weimaraner Forum - discussion group can be joined via

Champ Dogs site, extnesive site covering all breeds of dogs. Weimaraner pages cover breeders, stud dogs, litters

Links to breeders, clubs and Weimaraner websites outside of the UK

The Weimaraner Club of America can be found at

A listing of Weimaraner clubs in the US

Weimaraner info site in the US with pages on training dogs to hunt US style and notes of health and other issues features the work of William Wegman and his weimaraners. You can buy a wide range of goods on-line including calendars, mugs, books, cards and tee-shirts.

Nani's weimaraners, USA

Northwood Weimaraners, Phil and Heidi Warren, USA (Here you can find information on US based pedigrees).

Greydove Weimaraners (Narelle Goold, Val Peters, Sandra Bishop and Keith Robinson), Australia

Amberys Weimaraners (Barbara Uroda and Ania Gubala) in Australia.

Mimmtrix Kennels, weimaraner breeders (both show and working) in Sweden

Greyflyte Weimaraners, Cyd Welsh, in New Zealand s

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