the grey ghost

'althetic, powerful medium-sized gundog
of silver grey colour,
described as  fearless, friendly, protective, obedient and alert


The Weimaraner is a versatile gundog, originally bred in Germany to hunt deer, boar and game birds, to catch vermin, as well as to guard the hunter and his property. Often described as the most difficult of the gundogs to train - demanding, stubborn, cunning, willful, protective, determined and dominant being just a few adjectives that spring to mind!

Weimaraners were bred for agility, co-ordination and endurance so that they were well-equipped  to work all day in the field in all weathers. They have an excellent 'nose' and have the ability to wind game hundreds of metres away. They are wonderful to watch in field, doing what they do best - quartering the ground in search of game. The Weimaraner  is not an easy-going breed, instead offering a challenge to any owner. If you want the easy life, then a labrador or retriever may be for you!


About the webmaster - Sally Morgan
In case you were wondering... I have owned weimaraners and been a member of the WCGB since 1983. My first bitch, Heronshaw Silver Crystal  (SH CH Czersieger Clever Clown x Heronshaw Silver Dawn JW) was purchased from Dorothy Chapman. She was shown briefly during 1984 until her untimely death at 20 months. She was followed by Morganna Mystery (SH CH Kisdons Derring Do x Halingei Bellona of Morganna) - a puppy from Rachel Newman's first litter. Catherston California (Monroes Afshan x Sireva Eternity Ring) joined us in 1993. She produced her first litter in 1997  and we kept  a dog, Parhelis Arrakis (Gunalt Joop x Catherston California at Parhelis),  Strider,  who I showed during 1997 and 1998. He much prefers the outdoor life and  is now attempting to learn the 'field trial ropes' so I can take him rough shooting in the autumn. My dogs are true working dogs as they help me on my small holding - keeping the fields clear of rabbits, protecting my poultry from foxes and dispatching rats with great professionalism. Unfortunately, their sheep herding skills leave much to be desired......

Morganna Mystery (SH CH Kisdons Derring Do x Halingei Bellona of Morganna)

Development of the site
Over the next few months, I am hoping to build up the Weimaraners web site into a useful database. When looking for a stud dog, I realized how difficult it was to do the research - I wanted to know the pedigrees of so many dogs. Having heard about a dog and obtained  the pedigree, I wanted to know what it looked like. Although one can go to shows to see the various dogs, often the dog you want to see is absent or no longer shown. I am hoping to build up a resource of ' visual' pedigrees  - pages showing  a dog's pedigree together with photos and  links to other pedigrees.  This way I hope it will be possible for visitors to see a glance if a stud dog is suitable, how a line of dogs has developed, how siblings in a litter have been used to found different lines etc. Help from other weimaraner owners will be much appreciated - especially photos of dogs, ideally in a stacked stance, together with the relevant pedigree. I shall be starting with my own dogs. However, this will have much in common with many other people since Fanclub features heavily.

I will also build up the show section to list all the results from Championship Shows together with any Open Shows that I manage to attend. You may see me around taking pix on my digital camera - I am hoping to build a portfolio of dog photos, so that entries of winning dogs are accompanied by a photo. There will be links from dogs placed at Championship shows  to the pedigree section. If your dog has been placed at a Championship Show, you are more than welcome to send me a photo so that I can place it  along side the listing. Again the emphasis in the future will be about providing visual references - I  read the critiques, but would love to  see photos of the winners, or at least the line up for the Challenge.

If you have suitable photos you can send them to me by email. They should be scanned at 72 dpi, sized to about 350 pixel across  and compressed  as a JPG. Please make sure that if the photo has been taken by a professional photographer  you have permission to use it on the web.

Enjoy your visit